How To Start And Write A College Essay

The essays that you write reveal a lot more than the grades you earn or your test scores. They help in revealing the unique personality that you have. These essays can convey to your professors who you are really and most importantly, a good essay portrays the amazing writing skills that you have.

However, great writing skills is not the only thing that matters when you craft your essay. It is a lot more than that.
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The first and most critical part of crafting your essay is brainstorming. You have to think about the topic that has been provided and dig deep into your personality to bring up something special and quirky.

It is your responsibility to make your essay the best among the rest of your classmates. You should also define the strengths that you have so as to start with your essay confidently.

Create A Draft

Do not start with the final copy as soon as you have come up with an idea. Ensure that you work on a rough draft first, and jot down all the points that you have chosen to include in your essay. Evaluate all the points and strike out the ones that you think are mainstream and can be used by others.

Decide on the places where you want to insert situations to make the essay lively. A rough draft allows your creativity to flow down on a paper so that you can give the final shape to it.

Develop Three Parts

You should remember that essays have three main parts, which are the introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction should convey your thoughts and it should be intriguing, so as to arouse the interest of your reader. The introduction is not a summary, hence ensure that you keep your readers wanting for more, and they will move on to the body.

In the body of your essay, mention all the important points that you have jotted down in your draft and provide relevant examples or real-life situations. Your essay should be able to convey an emotion in a creative manner. It should be more like a situation that you might have faced rather a creation.

The conclusion will summarize the entire essay in a few lines, and can also state the outcome. The conclusion of an essay normally depends on the type of essay topic that has been provided to you.

Being Specific

Make sure that you are not writing out of your topic to make your essay long. A long essay that has irrelevant text will not fetch you good marks, but an essay that has specific information related to the topic will be beneficial for you. Writing out of topic will make your readers lose interest in your essay.

While trying to be imaginative, you should also try to remain as honest as possible. Do not lose your focus while writing an essay and never write something that is practically impossible. Writing essays is not a difficult job, but you should keep these tips in mind so that you not only secure good marks but also receive praises from the faculty members.


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